A Life of Love with the Love of Life!

The day had been beautiful. I had stormed out, bought some stuff and came home happy. Swathi was waiting for me in the kitchen, preparing dinner. An angry Swathi. The Swathi who could just burn me right there with just her eyes, the very eyes that made me fall for her.

So, this is what happened. I set out, bought the fruits, vegetables and the tomato sauce she had asked for, but forgot the one thing she had specifically asked me not to forget - The eye-liner! The bledy eye-liner that escaped my stream of thoughts, among other things. By other things, I mean, the the thought of questioning myself on what would be the impact on her beauty if no eye-liner had been there; what would she do to me if I didn't get it for her; what would be the impact of the industry if she doesn't use them. Did prehistoric women use such things? Similar thoughts.

She was still staring at me. I just got the reason. As usual, I began calming her down. Had to. Else I'd have had to starve for the night, which I obviously didn't want to, especially after a busy, busy day!

"So! Busy day, huh!"

"Dare you not talk to me!" She was clearly furious.

"Well. Fine then. Lets eat. What's for dinner?"

A blank stare.

"Alright, alright! I forgot the damn eye-liner. But you can't do this to me, for just that!"

"What? You forgot the eye-liner?" she questioned in shock.

"Err... Did I just tell you so?" I recoiled and started spinning the yarn. "Actually they seemed to be kinda out of stock there. I even asked if I could call the manufacturer and get a piece delivered right then, but he refused to give me the number. I even threatened the shopkeeper that..."

"You would win any bluffing competition, hands down!" she cut me.

"Ah! Thanks!", I blushed. "But isn't that what you always liked in me?" Blushed again.

"Yeah. And that's the reason you're alive yet." with an I'm-gonna-kill-you-right-now kinda look.

Seriously, that's the reason I'm alive yet. I was once sacked by a few bullies into a lane and was informed that I'd be cut into pieces if I refused to pay them heavy, but I could somehow talk them through, convincing them that I had already been in such a situation and that I wasn't surprised at all, along with a series of other sub-plots, finally getting out of it with a sense of achievement that I had dinner with those bullies, even making one of them pay for it.

"What now? Lost somewhere?" She brought me back to the house.

"Yeah, I was thinking as to where I'd've been right now, had I actually threatened that giant shopkeeper guy." I chuckled.

"Simple. I would have had to bail you out again!" She said with ease, checking the package I had brought home.

"Hey! I really had dinner with those guys and made one of them pay for it, okay? It's when I told them that I knew the police inspector, they took me there and got me behind those damn rusty bars!" I mumbled.

"A semi-fit is a misfit" murmured she, for her part.

"So! What's for dinner," asked I, with my arms wrapped around hers. "dear?"

Not stopping from getting off my clutches, she grabbed the kitchen knife and placed it on my neck, "Dare you not try to possess me, Mister! Make a request, and you shan't be denied a YES!" she bore her signature devious smile, with the knife still in place.

"Shalt I desire to possess Thee, Thou shalt be requested and Thy approval shalt be offered. I bow Thee! I bow Thee! I bow Thee!" I uttered with fake fear & raised hands, sounding nearly biblical.

"Oh come on! You just make me find myself wrong, every time I find you wrong! And that's precisely why I just approved Thou, Thy request for my possession!" She was back with her devious smile, and went back into my arms, with no trace of the knife in the visibility.

A good moment, indeed. But I was just reminded of a greater reason for me to let her get off me, and I did so too. I held her arms firm, looked into her eyes, made her look into mine. "Dear, I have a confession to make. More of a problem."

She had then gone into her surprise-mode where her eyebrows would resemble a bird flapping it's wings, her nose the knife she just left, her cheeks surpassing the moonshine, and her eyes, far more deceiving without the eye-liner. "Go on." she said, eclipsing a million questions within herself.

"Please promise me that you wouldn't leave me forever, on listening to this." I threw a potential prelude to my confession.

She looked deeper into me, piercing my eyes, waited for a second to let me speak again and let something out myself, circumventing the promise I had just requested.

I felt a burning thought that was pushing me to spill the statement. But no. I was firm this time. I looked back at her, signaling that the requested promise shall be brought in first.

"Why would I not promise? I do. With all my heart which is already yours." said she, masking with great difficulty a woman's default instinct to question.

"I'm getting married soon." I had to say it. Despite the fear that I might scar her for eternity.

"I know! To me, right?" She virtually jumped in joy.

I was taken aback. Shocked. Nearly electrocuted. I had not expected this. "What have I done!", I thought. This woman, holding my hand, had been giving herself to me in every possible way, and now wants to marry me too. How could I explain her of what I was just about to say? How could I have let this thought grow in her, all along? How hard would it be to chop it off at this point?

She still seemed to be jumping.

"Ah! Who else, did you think, huh?" I had just been transformed.

----------------------------15 years later----------------------------

Well, I'm now 40,  happily married with 2 kids - a son who's 14 & a daughter 11, and a home, among other things, right now reading Vidura Neeti, sipping my morning dosage of a hot-n-strong Filter Kaapi intricately prepared by my beloved wife Swathi, leaning back on my late grandpa's 200-year old Teakwood ease-chair, in the balcony of my residence, at Washington DC.

"Appaaaa! Achyutan anna is not giving my eye-liner back!" Anagha screamed. Junior Swathi, I tell ya!

"Achyuthaaaaa! Don't give it back!" I replied at the same pitch, making another sip. And am the senior Achyuthan, I tell ya!

Still being transformed, btw.


machi... really super da... much impressed.... still i remember one thing , when we were studying 9th std or something .. you wrote one poet and showed in front of everyone in our classroom... Everyone in the classroom were appreciating you... Jayalakshmi miss congratulated you for having these qualities..

From that i thought that u will become a good writer, after reading above story, hence its proved

Thanks machi... in future i wanna see u  as very big writer as chatan baghat and some poets..In that point of time too i will read ur story and will give the same comments as a FRIEND.

machi, nee enna romba pugazhndhutta. thanx anyway! :)
Varun Nivas said…
Raghavaa!! Super narration machi!! Irunthaalum antha Shakespeare English ah konjam enagaluku puriyara englishla ezhudhirukalam! :P 

And MR.Sankar: Chetan Baghat!?!? Seriously!! (No offence meant!!) In my perspective Mr.Chetan is no writer! :)
thanx machi! and Sankar yedho en mela irukkara paasathula apdi sollirukkaan. thats all! :)

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