I wrote this on my last day in college, but forgot to put it up.
I cant(rather i wont) say this will stand good/right to every person leaving college,
bcoz college life isn't the same for everyone...! :)
Anyways, it's a few lines i jus wanted to write... :)
And, the title is "Part-II".
-there's no part I :) it jus says that the dear ones are parting into two... :(


The time has come.
For me and my beloved to part.
We're now filled with joy,
With greater amount of pain.

Leaving a long-inherited place
a place i wanted to leave
a place i wanted to stay
a place that made me sick
a place that made my smile
a place that made me cry
a place that taught me fun
a place that hurt me the most
a place that made me the happiest
a place i hated the most
a place i cherished the most.

First year of academics.
Second year of joy.
Third of confusions.
Final year - the result of all the above - memories.

Problems in mind, solutions in hands
The hands of people, who had the tag "friends" :)

Problems with friends, solutions in words
The words of mine, which simply meant "sorry" :)

Joy in my heart, result in people
The people I possess, bearing the name "friends" :)

Tears in my eyes, hands to wipe them away
Hands of my friends, to whom I can just say "thank you" :)

Shoulders have I, with someone embracing me
When I'm overwhelmed, and when we had to part.

Someone mocking me the most, making me blush every moment
Someone supporting me the most, making me proud every moment :)

The numerous mokkais(pj's) cracked, especially on the night before exams
In the name of studying, the whole night would just be out :)

Thanks to Internet, we can still be connected.
But still... We cant meet often as we used to :(

Miss u all, especially my beloved :(


SRK said…
"Thanks to Internet, we can still be connected."
:) :) :) Keep smiling!
bhaaradwaaj said…
movement is life so move move move....
bala said…
a nice one, felt as if u read all ppl's mind and hav come up with this.... and abt missing colg, wat to do,the hands of time has got to move on...
vrraghy said…
thanq...! and as i'd always say, time is the only thing we can blame at...! :) :(

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