"Its tough when starts ignoring u.
But its even tougher to pretend that u dont mind..."

I recieved this text msg (sms) this morning...
It had something that i felt it was someone's reaction reaction to my previous post...
It was jus sent as a "forward" n now i realised that these things indirectly say that we have to move "forward" rather than crying over sp(o)ilt milk...


Rukmani said…
Hey. Thank you very much. It was very sweet of you to have spent that much time in making what you gave me. I was touched. And, I notice that the label under which you've posted is "sorrow". Well for that, all I have to say is this - Parting never belongs to sorrow. It makes you realize and cherish what you had, every single moment of it.

Thank you for everything once again. Means a lot.

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